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In addition to our prayer rule booklets, we distribute rosaries. These rosaries are single-decade, pocket rosaries made with paracord. They are designed to be very durable and portable. Even though rosaries are often associated with the Holy Rosary of the Roman Catholic Church, they can be prayed in different ways, and a variety of rosaries and chaplets exist within different traditions, denominations, and orders. 

Prayer beads (rosaries) and prayer ropes have a long history within the Christian Church. In the Eastern churches, it is common to see prayer ropes that are typically used to pray the Jesus Prayer or Psalms. In the Western churches, prayer beads are more common and were originally used to pray the Our Father (Lord's Prayer), which is why they were called "paternoster" beads. These beads were commonly used by illiterate Christians for daily prayer. They have been adapted for various Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and ecumenical uses. 

Here are some suggested methods to pray the rosary:

1. The standard Catholic rosary.

2. The ecumenical miracle rosary. 

3. The rosary with the Jesus Prayer. 

Bishop David Oliver Kling also has a couple of instructional videos on the Rosary:

1. Glorious Mysteries.

2. Sorrowful Mysteries.

If you would like a rosary mailed to you, please contact us with your request through our Contact Us page. 

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