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Our Leadership

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Very Reverend Columba (Kevin) Daugherty, Abbot

Fr. Kevin is from Pennsylvania and resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He serves as Abbot of the Companions of the Holy Spirit and Proistamenos of Solomon's Porch Phx. Kevin was ordained to ministry in April 2013 and began serving within the Convergent Catholic Communion in October 2017. Before co-founding CHS, he was active in ecumenical Franciscan orders and has served in a variety of local churches and denominations. Kevin takes his religious name, Columba, from the Irish saint who founded the Iona Abbey.  


Metropolitan John Gregory (Kenny) von Folmar, Bishop Protector

Bishop Kenny is the Bishop Protector and co-founder of our order. In addition, Bishop Kenny is a co-founder and Presiding Bishop of the Convergent Catholic Communion. Kenny was ordained to ministry in 2007 and elected to the bishopric in October 2018. He was consecrated in January 2019 as a bishop for the CCC within historic, apostolic succession. He is also bishop of Solomon's Porch in Phoenix, Arizona, where he has ministered since 2014. 


Right Reverend Rebecca Pierce, Prioress

Bishop Rebecca is Prioress of CHS's Osceola, MO chapter. She serves in the leadership of the order and as a bishop for the Convergent Catholic Communion. Before becoming a bishop in February 2020, Rebecca served as a priest in several churches and served as a captain in the Air Force, nurse, and teacher. She is also mission developer for Prince of Peace Ministries in El Dorado Springs, MO. 

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